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Three A Light™ isn’t just a cannabis grower’s guide to maximum efficiency and yields; it’s a groundbreaking shift in cultivation methods. Authored by renowned cultivator Josh Haupt, Three A Light opens a new world of possibilities for passionate and curious growers. Mr. Haupt provides a step-by-step guide and detailed illustrations for the techniques that have allowed him to triple production to achieve a yield of three pounds of cannabis per light. From seed to flower, Three A Light shares a simple approach to a complex process to transform harvest potential for all types of cultivation, from craft cannabis growers to large-scale cultivators. Interested in learning more about the Three A Light method? Visit the Three A Light website today.

The Success Nutrients™ system was designed by growers, for growers looking to improve their yields and maximize returns. This nine-part formulation line of essential micro and macro nutrients is custom-made to enhance plant growth throughout each stage of the life cycle and delivers top results in both soil and hydroponic gardens. These superior formulations boost quantity and quality, producing the maximum grams per square foot by giving plants exactly what they need for vigorous growth and flowering. The Success Nutrients team also provides growers with unsurpassed customer service and deep knowledge from veteran cultivators. To learn more about the nutrient line and how to order, visit Success Nutrients today.

The Big Tomato is Colorado’s best source for hydroponics and indoor gardening supplies. Since 2001, the company has provided thousands of indoor gardeners and commercial growers with top-quality products and equipment, along with standout customer service. Established long before the hydroponics boom, The Big Tomato offers ultra-competitive prices and an extensive selection, plus superior product knowledge and cultivation insight from staff members who are experienced growers themselves. Visit The Big Tomato now – the one stop shop for your hydroponic needs.