Medicine Man Technologies Client, Grow Ohio, Awarded Level 1 Cultivator License

Medicine Man TechnologiesGrow Ohio Level 1 Cultivator License congratulates client, Grow Ohio Pharmaceuticals LLC, for winning one of twelve, large-scale grow licenses and achieving the second highest application score in the state. Carrie Roberts, our Client Services Director assigned to the project, stated, “Of all the teams I have had the opportunity to work with, this application team was one of the strongest as they were well prepared, methodical, and disciplined in their approach to the creation of an award-winning application.”

As we reported previously, Ohio’s Governor, John Kasich, signed H.B. 523 into law on June 8, 2016, establishing the state’s new medical marijuana law. The House added its approval on May 10, followed by the Senate on May 25, and the new law went into effect on September 8, 2016. Since that point, the state’s Department of Commerce has been working on developing infrastructure and regulations such as granting 12 large-scale (Level I) and 12 small-scale (Level II) grow licenses to meet anticipated demand.

Now, out of 185 applications received by the department, just 24 total cultivation licenses have been granted to cultivators such as Grow Ohio. The race is now on to break ground on grow facilities, set up a full operation and produce their first crop of medical marijuana by September of 2018 when statewide sales are projected to begin. It’s a lot to take on, but Grow Ohio along with our talented Carrie Roberts, is up for the challenge. Roberts had this to say, “I look forward to assisting this remarkable group in the deployment of their state-of-the-art cultivation facility.”

Our plan is to provide a comprehensive approach for Grow Ohio, including deployment and training in Medicine Man Technologies’ exclusive, Three-A-Light® Professional Grade methodologies to ensure the safest and most efficient indoor cultivation operation possible.

What’s in a Score? The Ohio License Rubric

Like many states where medical and/or recreational marijuana have been legalized, Ohio’s application process for potential cultivators is no walk in the park. Grow Ohio’s impressive, second-ranked score of 173.44 points out of a possible 200, was just 6 points shy of being the top score. Let’s take a closer look at a few highlights that go into the state’s method of scoring applicants.

Along with a Level I application fee of $20,000, here are the basics of applying to cultivate:

  • Business Plan: Prove prior business experience, show property is not restricted for marijuana cultivation, as well as a provide a detailed business model and organizational details.
  • Operations Plan: Applicant must show experience in agriculture/cultivation techniques and products, provide implementation plans for cultivation, production and safety, plus outline all employee staffing, training and compliance methods.
  • Quality Assurance: Provide all policies and procedures for safe and consistent production of medical marijuana, including: use of pesticides/fertilizers, packaging/labeling, waste disposal, inventory control, recall procedures and compliance.
  • Security Plan: Present all policies required to keep the facility and employees safe (from theft or loss), including record keeping and transportation. Proposed method to include a facility design and map showing restricted access areas, surveillance technology, emergency procedures, as well as exterior security around the structure.
  • Financial Plan: Applicant must demonstrate financial responsibility by identifying all those involved with the enterprise, as well as cost breakdowns for buildout and operations, tax records for previous businesses, and proof of $500k in liquid assets.

While this is a rather simplified list, it’s easy to imagine just how difficult it was for applicants to achieve high scores with the state. And it certainly shows Grow Ohio’s immense dedication to providing patients with the medical marijuana they need and deserve. Medicine Man Technologies was honored to be part of this first achievement, and we look forward to the next phase with their team.

To learn more about how Medicine Man Technologies can assist with your legal marijuana enterprise, please get in touch to schedule your own, private consultation.

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