Cannabis is booming across the country and opportunities for growth are abundant. That said, cannabis licensing is highly competitive and only those who can make it through the rigorous application process to become a licensed cannabis operator will have the opportunity to participate in the growing market.

Through our consulting services, Medicine Man Technologies can help your team navigate the demands of a competitive state’s application process with the goal of  securing you a highly coveted state-issued operating license. Cannabis laws differ from state to state, and municipality to municipality, with each application process for licensing being unique and challenging. Understanding and delivering on the specific requirements asked on your state application is critical for success when applying.

With more than seven years of experience working within both competitive and non-competitive state application environments, and in both medical and adult-use markets, Medicine Man Technologies has successfully helped clients navigate the application process in over 21 states and four countries. As each state handles the process differently, and has unique licensing requirements, our prior application experience allows us to bring a wealth of knowledge, proficiency, and support to a client’s application submission.

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