Getting started in the legal marijuana industry

Getting started in the legal marijuana industryGetting started in the legal marijuana industry is made easy by the experts at Medicine Man Technologies. We offer cannabis licensing and consulting services with state-of-the-art cultivation and dispensary operating solutions. We provide our expertise to clients who have the resources necessary to become part of the competitive medical and recreational cannabis marketplace.

Between recreational and medical marijuana, sales are expected to top more than $3 billion this year according to the Marijuana Business Fact Book. This does not take into account the satellite industries such as the CPAs needed, lawyers, and the manufacturers of the machinery used in harvesting which could nearly double the 2013 totals.

If the current trend continues, getting started in the legal marijuana industry will be a lucrative endeavor. Washington and Colorado are currently the only two states to have legalized marijuana. Alaska and Oregon and a dozen other states could potentially legalize recreational marijuana. That being said, getting started in the legal marijuana industry can be a great investment with massive rewards but also with great risks.

With any business, it is always important to have the right processes in place. There are licensing issues that need to be addressed. We offer pre-licensing consulting services to help you with the state application process. Our goal is to help you secure a state-issued operating license.   Also, topics like public relations, HR, and IT, allow entrepreneurs of any background to benefit from getting started in the legal marijuana industry.

Starting a company in this industry does require partnering with experienced professionals who can help you avoid costly mistakes. The team of Medicine Man Technologies consultants can help you navigate through the process to help you begin a successful cannabis operation.  Our expertise and state-of-the-art technology have successfully distinguished our clients from all the others starting out in this competitive industry.

In addition to consulting services, we also offer cultivation technology and dispensary operations. With our licensing services, we provide operating procedures for commercial and industrial cultivation. You will also benefit from hands-on training and development for your personnel and your facility once you become operational. Our dispensary model ensures consumers and patients have safe and secure access to various recreational/medical cannabis product.

We have over 6+ years of operational experience within the cannabis industry in Denver. Our consulting services offer the business planning support you need to succeed. Often, the only thing missing, in the beginning, is the experience needed to operate a productive cannabis cultivation facility or dispensary. That is where our experts will help you get started and with our consulting support, you will have the right tools to succeed.

If you are thinking about joining the thousands of entrepreneurs who are getting started in the legal marijuana industry, Medicine Man Technologies has the experience you are looking for.  Our experts will help you navigate through the ever changing marijuana laws and legal aspect of this industry. Getting started in this industry is not for the faint of heart. We can help you get started on the right path to having a prosperous future.

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