Here you’ll find some common questions and answers related to the cannabis industry

Who are your clients?

We work with investors, legal and licensed commercial cultivation and dispensary operators, those aspiring to operate in the cannabis industry, and other support vendors.

Do you cultivate and sell?

Yes, through our parent company Medicine Man Denver, the largest cultivation/retail facility in Colorado. With over 6 years operating in the cannabis industry, Medicine Man Denver is in a unique position to license its intellectual property, technology and experience in order to help you mitigate costly mistakes and offer you a full package resource to successfully operate in this exciting space.

What does it cost to start a dispensary or a cultivation facility?

Depending on your goals and the size of facility the cost will vary.

If I am currently operating a cultivation facility, what should my production numbers be?

It is critical to maximize production in order to remain competitive and meet demand. Our variable capacity continuous harvest production model (VCCH™) will help you obtain up to a minimum of 3 pounds of product per light, averaging a minimum of 5 harvests per year on a continuous cycle.

Do you have private consultations or seminars?

Yes, we are happy to review your business plan and budget to help you plan a successful operation. Furthermore, we offer seminars here in Denver, as well as throughout the nation on a regular basis. Please click on seminars for details.

What benefits do I receive when I get a license with Medicine Man Technologies?

Medicine Man Technologies has spent the last year and a half developing a comprehensive operations and training manual as well as licensing services that is designed to maximize your ROI and help you avoid the costly pitfalls of starting a new business. It offers the following:

  • Optimal cultivation facility & dispensary management planning and design
  • Inventory management
  • Security and loss prevention controls and measures
  • Operations management
  • Product packaging management
  • Comprehensive staffing charts and job descriptions
  • Operations manuals, department standard operating procedures and operations tools
  • Nutrient solution mixture optimization
  • Pest, pathogens, powdery mildew and mold preventative solutions
  • Best practices grow techniques
  • Plant life-cycle environmental monitoring practices
  • Intellectual property and industry experience
  • Patient service programs
  • Production facility and retail operations work-flow and protocols
  • Performance Improvement
  • POS tracking systems
  • Investment strategy & Solution
  • Licensing & Taxes
  • Marketing & Sales Solutions
  • Permitting and zoning requirements
  • Retail operations

Training also includes budgeting, procurement, vendor relationships, inventory management, banking and more. It is the most comprehensive cannabis training program available, tailored specifically to support our operating practices. Medicine Man Technologies clients receive as part of our services:

  • A management training program
  • Training manuals, standard operating procedures, job descriptions and checklists for every position
  • On-site training at Medicine Man Denver’s cultivation and dispensary
  • On-site training at your facility before and after opening
  • Standard business hours Q&A
  • Shepherding of licenses and applications if requested
  • Drafting of documents if requested
  • Consultation from our knowledgeable service providers and industry experts
  • Utilizing our industry

What qualities should a potential client possess for your services?

We will work with legitimate individuals or groups that have the financial wherewith to obtain state licenses to operate, meet all state specific vetting requirements and background checks, sufficient individual or investor backing, vision and an understanding of the cannabis industry, an understanding or willingness to understand industry and state regulations. We can give you all the tools you need to operate successfully in this exciting industry and at the same time alleviate costly mistakes trying to learn and operate on your own.

How do I contact your team?

Medicine Man Technologies
4880 Havana Street, Suite 201
Denver, CO 80239
Office: (303) 371-0387
Fax: (303) 371-0598