Our experienced Facility Design team has brought clients conceptualized designs for numerous commercial cultivation facilities, medical dispensaries, and adult-use dispensaries for a combined total of over 14 million square feet.

For each individual project, our team creates a facility design driven by function, efficiency, and best-practice. Working to consistently achieve optimal design solutions through their knowledge, expertise, and highly collaborative process with our in-house subject matter experts. Our Facility Design team strives to: protect the health and safety of all occupants, comply with applicable cannabis facility regulations, and above all else, assist our clients in meeting their operational aspirations.

But this isn’t just what we bring to our clients, it is a collaboration and partnership every step of the way.  Once we have created that final conceptual design drawings together, our team can readily provide even more guidance to turn it into a reality  for long-term operational success.

Cultivation Facility Design

Cultivation facility design can be tricky, but it is a crucial element. Our deliverables serve as the foundation for an operation that will safely and securely support production control. They create this foundation in four ways.

  1. Understand the client’s goals for their facility in conjunction with any design requirements unique to their project.
  2. Take into consideration key operational elements in the early stages of the project, such as biosecurity, environmental control, labor, and safety.
  3. Ensure the overall flow of the facility supports a perpetual harvest cycle, which creates an uninterrupted supply chain of cannabis, and allows for scalability in response to market demand.
  4. Collaborate with our Cultivation Services team throughout the entire design process  to maximize yield without sacrificing important support functions within the facility.

With this balanced approach, our team can create an efficient design that supports our client’s goals, our standard cultivation practices, and critical operational procedures.

In addition to the conceptual design, our Cultivation Services team will supply a suggested equipment list, which coordinates with the design and may also be brokered through our subsidiary, The Big Tomato.

Dispensary Facility Design

Schematic dispensary design offerings consistently balance the customer experience, regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. The driving force behind the design work is the level of functionality needed throughout the facility to run a successful operation. Back of house is designed to support secure inventory control and front of house are crafted to establish a customer flow that is efficient, enjoyable and informative. The schematic designs also highlight opportunities to deploy a variety of merchandising strategies and customer education experiences, leading to a higher turnover in sales. To address safety and security, our team openly collaborates with clients’ security consultants to make certain best practices are met. Whether in a medical or adult-use market, our goal is a universal design to meet the needs of all users.

Our design team is also experienced in delivering high-quality 3D renderings, allowing clients to bring their dispensary to life and impress application reviewers, potential investors, and their communities. Through these images, we strive to create an atmosphere with the client that speaks to their brand in an inviting, unique and stimulating way. In addition, our team is able to provide clients with design drawings for the fabrication of our standard point-of-sale stations, mobile product racks, and retail display units, based on our operational experience in Colorado. For other retail fixture solutions, they can make introductions to our preferred partners for premier retail fixture design, fabrication and installation.

Interested in cultivation or dispensary facility design? We’d love to hear from you, contact us today