Our top priority is the ability to deliver a positive customer experience with the utmost attention to product, public, and patient safety. We teach our clients how to produce the highest quality products with the lowest cost of production, delivered to customers with great customer service on a consistent basis.

Through our consulting services, Medicine Man Technologies will support your efforts with regard to your state’s application process with the goal of helping your team secure a state-issued operating license. Our team will provide a cultivation and/or dispensary operations pro forma, lead your facility design process, and provide operating plan guidance as required to demonstrate sufficiency within an application. Our proven facility planning and operations experience has successfully distinguished our client’s applications in this emerging industry.

We have experience working within both competitive and non-competitive application environments. We have navigated the application process in several states, including: Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, New York, Maryland, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. As each state handles the process differently, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in working through an application and believe in an “on the ground” approach – ensuring you receive support when it matters most. As a result, our clients have successfully filed winning cultivation and dispensary applications across several states.

Once you’ve secured your state-issued operating license, Medicine Man Technologies will support your efforts to become fully operational through the licensing of our proprietary cultivation and dispensary methodologies. Our team will interact with your design build team throughout the facility construction, work with you on implementation of proven standard operating procedures, and provide hands on training for your staff within a live environment. Operating in this emerging industry requires experienced partners who can help you avoid the multitude of costly mistakes often encountered by cannabis startups. Our team of consultants can help you navigate the process of becoming a successful cannabis operation.