Our risk-averse cannabis cultivation technology delivers consistent, high quality, high yield production within a clean-room style environment. Through our licensure services we provide standard operating procedures for all phases of commercial and industrial cannabis cultivation, from clone to counter. In addition, we provide hands-on training and development for your personnel both at Medicine Man Denver and your facility once operational.

Medicine Man Technologies has experience in all areas of cannabis cultivation including: Cloning, Propagation, Vegetative and Flowering husbandry, Drying and Cure techniques utilizing what we call a VCCH model, or Variable Capacity Continuous Harvest model. Our expert team of consultants possess an extensive knowledge of cannabis plant metabolism and physiology, indoor grow protocols and best practices, and the processing of the harvested crop. We can help your legal cannabis cultivation and associated operation overcome challenges to become a market leader.

Cannabis Canopy
Cannabis Flower
Cannabis Canopy and Flower
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Cannabis Cure Bucket
Cannabis Dry Rack
Cannabis Flower 1
Cannabis Veg Room Hallway
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Cannabis Flower-Room
Cannabis Girl Scout Cookies
Cannabis Hanging Dry Rack
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Cannabis Sea of Green
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Cannabis Vegetative Room
Cannabis Veg Room
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