Marijuana Business Association

As one of the top marijuana business associations, Medicine Man Technologies works closely with industry leaders to provide the necessary support to help assist clients develop a successful processing facility. 

Our experts share their expertise on topics such as processing, edibles, retail operations, extractions, licenses/application and regulatory compliance. Because we are actually in the business, we offer industry proven advice to help you create a successful start to your business.

With the legitimacy of cannabis it is important to employ a marijuana business association to ensure you have all the right processes in place for the success of your business. As a consultant, we also offer live one day seminars throughout the country on various topics. Let our marijuana business association help you take your business to the next level.

Colorado Marijuana Industry Experts

If you are thinking about getting into the cannabis industry, Medicine Man Technologies are the Colorado marijuana industry experts. The cannabis industry is in the midst of change and is attracting investors and business owners. We are dedicated to providing the finest consulting services and solutions for the cannabis industry. 

Because this industry is booming, most entrepreneurs don’t have the specific knowledge needed. We are your guide for industry’s best practices and benchmarks to help you run a successful business. As Colorado marijuana industry experts, we are made up of industry leaders who bring their expertise to the legal cannabis industry.

We provide a comprehensive list of services including cultivation, processing, retail operations, extractions, shepherding of licenses, edibles, applications and regulatory compliance. The services we provide encompass change management, IT strategy, methodology/alignment and our knowledge will lead to your success. As Colorado marijuana industry experts contact us today for more information.

Medical Marijuana Business Consultant

It is important to hire a medical marijuana business consultant to help get your business on the right track. At Medicine Man Technologies, we will provide you with the industry insight we have gained throughout our years in the business.   In today’s current environment of more and more states offering their citizens recreational marijuana as a possibility, medical marijuana has become legal in more states and the differences in how you serve these two different types of businesses are stark.  You need a medical marijuana business consultant who can help you navigate the differences in these two different business models.

As a medical marijuana business consultant we offer industry proven advice to help you start out on the right foot. We will share our expertise on topics such as retail operations, licenses, processing, extractions, edibles, application and regulatory compliance.

With any business, it is important to have all the right processes in place before you open your doors. We invite you to take a look at our website and see why we are the top medical marijuana business consultants in the industry. We will help you put a plan in place for a successful business.

Marijuana Retail Business Regulations

Medicine Man Technologies will help you become familiar with marijuana retail business regulations. Our experts provide a fully integrated proven model based on the best practices found in the retail, service, and healthcare industries.

With the legalization of marijuana there are certain regulations this type of business must follow. We will explain the marijuana retail business regulations to help you create a successful start to your business.

When you become a client you will receive a licensing manual that contains the following information; planning and design, employee handbooks, operations manuals, optimal cultivation facility & dispensary management, operations management, department standard operating procedures and operations tools. We invite you to visit our website for more information. With our guidance you will know the marijuana retail business regulations inside and out.

Marijuana Industry Consultant

Medicine Man Technologies is helping companies with the way they do business in the cannabis industry. We provide you with the industry insight and business ideas we have gained from our experience in this industry. If you are looking for a marijuana industry consultant to help you navigate the fast changing elements of the marijuana industry call the consultant experts at Medicine Man Technologies. 

The legalization of marijuana has created a brand new industry for new businesses. From our experience, our experts offer industry proven advice to help you make a successful start as well as plan for a prosperous future.

With the legitimacy of cannabis it is important to have all the right processes in place and as a marijuana industry consultant; we can help you do just that. Our professionals will share their expertise on topics such as processing, edibles, extractions, retail operations, licenses/application and regulatory compliance. We are one of the top marijuana industry consultants in the industry. Visit us online for more information.


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